This documentary will feature women from every corner of the world, following their everyday lives while dressed in apparel from “Psycho Color,” the theme of the 2012 AW UNDERCOVER COLLECTION. Filmed chiefly on location in Paris and Tokyo, it will spotlight the careers and private lives of 18 women from different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and walks of life, along the way providing the viewer with a sense of their surrounding spaces and varying scenery. The story of each of these women will be phased through 7 uploaded installments. We hope you enjoy the colorful stories of these ladies, surrounded by the brilliant hues reflecting the theme of this collection.
2012AW UNDER COVER COLLECTION “PSYCHO COLOR” を身にまとった世界中の女性達の日常を追ったドキュメンタリームービー。パリと東京を中心に、人種も年齢も人生も異なる18人の女性の仕事やプライベートの様子を、その土地の風景や空気感と共にお届けします。それぞれのストーリーのアップロードは全7回。コレクションのテーマと同様に、鮮やかに彩られた女性達のストーリーを是非お楽しみください。